Local – Our Jerusalem


AGAPE HOUSE Volunteers to help those in need in our community both physically (food and clothes) and spiritually. Food and clothing donations are welcome in the drop-off box outside the church office. Fore more information contact Carol Pierce at (904) 291-0510. USDA IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER AND EMPLOYER.
JAIL/PRISON MISSIONS Volunteers witness, lead Bible study and worship opportunities, and provide encouragement to those who are in prison or have recently been released. For more information contact Marty Carpenter at (904) 291-4250.
SMALL BLESSINGS Seeks to meet the needs of young mothers in our community by providing basic supplies for their babies. A volunteer in this ministry would serve one morning a month. For more information contact Kathi Smith at (904) 282-5289.
Do missions work in your own home… consider being a foster parent. Christian foster parents (especially for older children and sibling groups of three or more) are desperately needed. Contact: Jerree Sanders, 721-7739, ext. 224 or jsanders@fbchomes.org