Married Couples

Here at First Baptist, we try to provide a variety of ministry groups and classes for people of all ages. Additional short-term and ongoing ministry groups are offered by our Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry.
One of the best ways to connect with God and to other Christians is through our Connect Groups. These groups meet together each Sunday morning for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings, they also get together for dinners, family gatherings, and other fun events throughout the year. If you are looking to make new friends, these groups are the perfect place to start! This ministry may resume in the fall of 2021.
A ministry for married couples providing fellowship, prayer, and biblical encouragement.
  • Groups comprised of six to eight couples varying in ages and stages of marriage
  • Gathering once a month, off campus enjoying food, fellowship, and encouragement
  • Responsible for organizing their own childcare
  • Scheduling should not conflict with major church events
  • Not counseling sessions, group therapy, nor outreach
  • Not set in stone, they will be flexible, yet consistent
  • Not a substitute for Connect Groups or mid-week worship
  • Not just for those who have it all together, but for ALL married couples
  • Sign up on a card indicating you’d like to be in a group that meets near your home, shares common interests, or with one or two specific couples who are not necessarily in your Connect Groups.
  • Once groups have been established, new couples may not be added to existing groups, but to new groups starting later in the year.